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Re: bbpress is slow like godaddy says?



1.298 - 35 queries is absolutely horrible actually.

However I only get 0.489 - 35 queries on that site which is barely acceptable.

It’s probably due to an overloaded shared hosting box.

Let’s review some basics.

First of all, let’s make sure you are using 0.9 and not 1.0

(If you are using 1.0 I can’t really help you much because it’s slower than 0.9 for now and I keep explaining to everyone not to use it but they do anyway)

Performance 101: (for everyone)

1. go into bb-config.php and add this line:

$bb->load_options = true;

2. after you add the above line, queries should be under 20 per page, usually less than 15 – if they are not, then you have a misbehaving plugin (or are running 1.0)

3. if you run your own server or VPS, turn on the mysql cache

4. if you run your own server or VPS, install a PHP opcode cache

(eaccelerator, APC or xcache)

5. if you are on shared hosting ask your host why they don’t use 3 and 4 and if they don’t give you a good answer, get a better host

GoDaddy is up there in like the top 10 for people who dislike their hosts.

Just google the number of people that have trouble with them on wordpress.

But unlike WordPress, bbPress doesn’t have any page cache plugins yet so if your host sucks in the first place, any large php program is not going to perform well.

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