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Re: bbpress is slow like godaddy says?



GoDaddy is massive and would have thousands of support staff, probably outsourced.

There is far too much competition in the hosting world to stay with such a provider, find yourself someone better and smaller that actually cares about losing a customer and doesn’t put 1000’s of clients per box.

My best advise would be to get someone with cpanel because it far easier for the host and far easier for you and makes the account extremely portable between other cpanel hosts. I can literally move an entire account between servers in 1 or 2 minutes flat, all settings, mysql, email, dns, structure, etc. preserved exactly (and you don’t even need to know linux).

Avoid the really big hosts, avoid the really little hosts.

If you can afford it, get a VPS so you have much more control but don’t get a small, underpowered VPS which can be worse than shared hosting.

Do not get a host that uses NFS (networked file storage) like Dreamhost because that makes file intensive programs like WordPress/bbPress slow. GoDaddy probably uses NFS too but I am not positive about that.

Quick summary:

  1. get a host with cpanel
  2. make sure the host does not use NFS
  3. make sure the host does not run PHP in safemode
  4. only get a VPS if it’s reasonable size/performance,

      as small VPS are worse than quality shared hosting

added: one more tip for choosing a hosting provider – if they use the word “unlimited” in any of their advertising, find another provider.

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