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Re: bbpress is slow like godaddy says?



Hi vannak,

If the forum you’re reffering to is the one linked to in your profile, then it seems to be running nicely.

If you like showing off the fact that your server rocks,

1.298 – 35 queries

That said, if you think it’s running slowly the best bet is to do a few things:

1) delete any plugins that you are not using (i know they shouldnt have any effect but always better to be safe than sorry, wordpress 2.6.1 had a similar bug)

2) deactivate plugins one at a time, and see if you notice any difference.

3) use Yslow to see what is taking the time to load from the front-end.

4) try disabling the adverts on the website. they shouldn’t have an effect, but sometimes Flash banners can do that (though they should only slow it down after the page has loaded)

5) Ask godaddy for the server logs and error logs, or ask them exactly what page/script is slow.

BBpress isn’t perfect, but the code is well written and generally very very fast.

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