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Re: bbPress Integration plugin for WPMU

Wow, this is a bit of a headache.

I’m busy trying to get the integration sorted out and got along quite well (WPMU, BBPress, BuddyPress combo), although I still needed to log in twice, when my luck ran out and now I can’t seem to log into bbpress. Bit annoying. I’ve reinstalled the whole thing, but still no luck. Trying to debug it at the moment, but it’s tough going.

I did come across something that needed fixing though; I’m not sure where to submit this fix, so I’m posting it here for now.

The bug was this; the latest release candidate never displayed the dropdown from which one selects the keymaster during installation due to a mistake in line 2569 of bb-admin/includes/

Previously the line was;

$wp_administrator_meta_key .= $this->data[2] . ‘_’;

which meant the meta_key it tried to query the db on looked something like this; ‘wp_capabilities1_’.

I changed it to:

$wp_administrator_meta_key = $bbdb->escape( $bb->wp_table_prefix . $this->data[2] . ‘_capabilities’ );

so now the key will be ‘wp_1_capabilities’.

This is obviously (when you look at the code) only relevant when setting the default blog id.

Hope it helps someone!

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