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Re: bbPress Integration plugin for WPMU

John, first please enjoy your vacation. As to your question, yes I do use ‘deep integration’. I have deleted the 3 groups I had that would not allow the recreation of the forums via the toggling of the ‘Enable discussion forum’ option. That was my only remaining problem. I was able to recreate the groups from scratch and transferred the topics and posting db entries from my backup. Everything is now working :-)

I did a quick search through the BuddyPress forums about the issue you mention but have not found it. I will do it again over the weekend. Should I find it I will try any suggested fix by setting up another copy my setup (code and database) saved this morning before I deleted the problem group forums. I have a spare domain I can use just for that purpose. Should you find it please feel free to post the URL here.

Thanks again for all your help, hopefully I can help you with identifying the issue you referring to for your screen casts.

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