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Re: bbPress Integration plugin for WPMU

John James Jacoby


ITguy, are you using deep integration? If so, I think there’s something else that needs to be done before the group forum creation will work.

I ran into the same issue as you a few months back. Burt’s XMLRPC check would work, but forums wouldn’t get made. If memory serves me right, the XMLRPC was reincluding something that was mucking up the forum creation, but I don’t recall exactly what that is at the moment, but I banged my head against it for a week, and there’s a topic somewhere in the BuddyPress forums to prove it. :)

I’m packing for a week long vacation tonight, and am flying all day tomorrow. I’ll have my laptop and access to all my code by Wednesday night, and will be back to help support this again. In the meantime I invite you to scour and see if you can find any of my past replies or recent topics. Check from about April or so. Getting this figured out is important to me too, as I’ve got a series of Integration screen casts I’m going to put together and give to the *Press sites to help answer all of the questions everyone has about integration, since it is a very popular topic and many of us spend many hours developing and supporting it.

Talk soon, and good luck until then.

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