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Re: bbPress Integration plugin for WPMU

John, XML-RPC is (was) turned on in both WPMU/BP and bbP. Also ‘$bb->bb_xmlrpc_allow_user_switching = true;’ is (and always was) at the end of the bb-config file just before the closing PHP statement. I even check again that XML-RPC was working properly via Burt’s XML-RPC-sayhello plugin.

Sam, taking your note ‘about re-applying the role map does not change the roles users already have’, I applied John’s suggestion to ‘purge the bb_capabilities and apply the role map once everything is lined up’.

The end result is the same, user switching works, admin has the correct bb_capabilities in the wp_usermeta table (no need this time for manual correction), and all users can create new groups with forums, add topics and relies to all discussions. The ONLY thing still not working is the recreation (activation) of old exiting groups with forums that exited before upgrading from BP 1.0 to 1,0,1 and bbP 1.0-Alpha-6 to 1.0-RC2.

I guess I have to delete them and create them as new groups. I should be able to export the topics and replies first and import them after the creation, unless one of you has another suggestion. Regardless, thanks to both of you for all the help so far.

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