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Re: bbPress inside a WP Sidebar Widget



I see myself heading over to scriptlance to see if I can find someone to hammer it in somehow.

Hold that thought… This was ridiculously simple and it just popped into my head as I was typing… iFrames.

Darn! It Works! All I did was create a Sidebar as the center of the page, put an HTML widget in it with: <iframe name=”FRAME1″ src=”; width=”100%” height=”1000″ frameborder=”0″ ></iframe>

All this into a page called “Forums” … So now my bbPress in /forum is accessible by the WordPress page /forums (note the “s” – one URL will got to bbPress, the other to WordPress) and wrapped inside a WordPress page – With a WP sidebar, header, navigation and footer.. Sure, there might be some duplicate stuff between the bbPRess header/footer and the WordPress one, but it looks a lot better than breaking the site’s continuity.

Check it out!

Seems I was trying to launch a rocket to the moon when all I needed was some more coffee.

Thanks for the brain jog!

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