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Re: bbpress info in wordpress?

Didn’t see ganzua’s post, posted at the same time. 😮

When copy and pasting the code you have to remove any bb dependencies. For example, bb uses the $bbdb; wordpress uses the $wpdb, and for queries and the like you can just switch them. Note that $wpdb does not contain information about the names of bb tables, so $wpdb->topics or the like will not work. In other cases the function names are simply different; bb_get_option() or simply get_option() for example. This code is what I used in bbSync to integrate avatars:

function bbreplyavatar() {
global $bbposter, $opshuns;
$avatar = get_usermeta( $bbposter->ID, 'avatar_file' );
$avatar = explode('|', $avatar );
$bburl = $opshuns['bburl'];
echo '<img alt="' . $bbposter->user_login . ' avatar" src="' . $bburl . '/avatars/' . $avatar[0] .'" class="avatar" />';

Note that $opshuns and $bbposter need definition (or changing). bbSync could be quite useful to you actually.

What’s the specific problem you want to solve right now, and what have you tried?

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