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Re: bbpress info in wordpress?

Same database but not same codebase. However you can make bb load wp at the start, and you can make wp load bb at the start (that’s the other method). It’s not difficult but not guaranteed to work, because only a few people have done it. It might mean fiddling with things until they work. If you did that, you could do what you were trying.

Plugin Name: WP Avatars

function wp_aud( $felID ) {
$avatar = get_usermeta( $felID, 'avatar_file' );
$avatar = explode('|', $avatar );
$bburl = 'Plz enter the URL of your bb install here';
echo '<img alt="' . $bbposter->user_login . ' avatar" src="' . $bburl . '/avatars/' . $avatar[0] .'" class="avatar" />';

Otherwise you could paste that in a new text file, save it in your plugins folder, activate it and then use this in wordpress:

<?php wp_aud( $comment->user_ID ); ?>

In theory.

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