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Re: bbPress Facebook page

John James Jacoby


I ask that you excuse the general tone of this post as I’m dealing with a next-door-neighbors dog that has been barking for 3 months straight morning, noon, and night, but at the risk of sounding like a snot, I think I’ll become a fan of bbPress once integration works correctly.

My opinion on this matter is that maybe your efforts could have been better focused elsewhere.

I know that we all need a break from the grind, but if one of my clients had an integral operation issue with my product, even if it was free, there’s an obligation to resolve it. Just because it’s the best thing out there doesn’t exactly make the lack of response or attention to the broken integration acceptable.

I’ve checked the trac and scoured the forums flailing my arms all the way, and so far no one seems to have figured it out or given a time-line to a resolution. I would settle for a quick and dirty fix or even someone that could point me in a more obvious direction on how to resolve it myself.

That this is what the bbPress development team feels is the most important thing to do just seems like bad timing on someones part. In a time where world economies are suffering, I think it’s probably more important now than ever before to stay focused on the task at hand, because there’s always someone waiting to do a better job at your job for less pay.

And lets face facts, everyone that is a fan of bbPress, is already here. I personally don’t think we don’t need another place to go quite yet. I don’t disagree that it’s a good idea, but maybe get a working 1.0 version out there first?

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