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Re: bbPress Facebook page



I’m really disappointed in this response actually. _CK_ is without a doubt the person who carries the most weight around here these days given her exceptional and continued support and development.

Whenever we, as a community or an individual, say something that is negative about BBpress it is because we want to make it better. You said yourself in October that Sam wasn’t on the forums much, and as time goes on, mostly because of wordpress moving forward, BBpress has looked more and more stale/abandoned. I appreciate it’s a perception rather than reality, but surely you can see by the response that Sam’s first post in months was met with this reaction, is down to that feeling that’s been growing in the community for months now.

Its not an attack on Sam, as a person, in anyway. It not an attack on BBpress or its code, its people who read one thing (or multiple things) and then find them out to be not true. its people who read new posts daily about “wordpress integration”

“I’m not sure how many more times I can repeat that bbPress is pre-release software.”

We know this, we don’t expect everything to work, we expect bugs, and we’re trying to report them back and be helpful. But we’ve been reporting 1 particular ind crucial bug back for over half a year now, with no info being forthcoming.

“Every part of bbPress is subject to completely change and break overnight”

We get this too. But, um, it broke over half a year ago!

If it broke last night, last week, or last month then yeah i’d get it.

But it broke a long long time ago.

“there are no feature or bug priorities”

Sam said there is (read up).

You said there was last month (about XMLRPC – will find link to post).

“If that bothers anyone, or they feel the need to rant about it, please stop using it asap”

TO Be Honest, that sounds childish in my opinion.

And not what i’d expect _CK_.

“Integration is tricky because it was not a priority for bbPress”

It wasn’t? wow.

Ok, it wasn’t. Can we ask why?

Again, it seems like the most asked about thing on the forum. Not just in terms of how often people ask, or that fact that there is a sticky on it, or that it’s the biggest word on the tag cloud by miles or… (i could go on, but i think we all know the point i’m getting at).

“there is no such thing as a “standard” wordpress install”

Yes there is. Download wordpress. input your database and password. hit install.

Famous 5 min install remember.

There is a standard wordpress install!

“The radical changes to WordPress security in the past year have not helped at all with integration ease”

We get that _CK_, we do, and we totally understand.

But the change happened in WP2.6, then we had 2.6.1, 2.6.2 , 2.6.3 . 2.6.5, and now 2.7.

BBpress / Automattic have had 7 month (minimum) to realise and fix this issue.

I mean, and correct me if i’m massively wrong, but did security change in 2.6, or did it change drastically in every release? If it changed drastically in 2.6, 2.6.1, 2.6.2 , 2.6.3 . 2.6.5, and now 2.7; then yes i can see how that would be a huge issue and a moving target. but if it has stayed the same for 6 months (in all the WP2.6 releases) then frankly, it seems crazy to me that NO-ONE at automatic can be asked how security has changed.

“So weigh your options and either stick with it or move on but please don’t rant against the very people trying to help the project”

We’re not ranting against the people _CK_, there is nothing personal here.

We want to help.

We want to use BBpress, spread the word, fix bugs, make it better.

But with this HUGE issue over our heads, we can’t, and thats what we’re trying to put across.

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