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Re: bbPress Facebook page



” Integration only became a real “feature” of bbPress with 0.9 when it was brought front and centre during install and got it’s own admin options page.”

Yeah, but that was 8 months ago. It’s not like it’s a massive shock we’ve all just got over. 0.9 was stable 8 months ago.

“Unfortunately WordPress is a moving target and it is difficult to keep up with all it’s changes”

But in terms of a moving target mate, 1) its well documented 2) you work for the company 3) we dont need to keep up with ALL the changes, and 4) it’s been 8 months!

I know that may look like i’m labouring a point, but its more to clarify. If 0.9 nor 1.0alpha cannot integrate with wordpress 2.6 (which has had 3 betas and 4 point releases) in the last 7 months, is it even likely that we’ll get it in the next 7 months?

I, and everyone here, realises that wordpress is changeable, we accept that totally, but if what we’re saying is that BBpress will release 1 stable version ever 3 versions of wordpress (and it will only integrate with the first version) , then really, i think it’s time for me and the others to say goodbye.

“It’s a little unfair to say that bbPress isn’t usable. “

Yes, that’s true.

I think it’s best we say its… Not fit for purpose.

Let me show you how mate, with the blow coming from your own BBpress website:

“bbPress is focused on web standards, ease of use, ease of integration, and speed”


See any of my posts last month bout how web standards are not being met.

And, ease of integration, really? I’m hoping that as funny as the irony/joke of the facebook page.

“our extensive plugin system”.


Half of them dont work. Most of the Authors have long since left the sinking ship. 0.9 was a milestone, and you folks all did such a stellar job; but man has the side been let down, and infact gotten alot smaller. Where would we be without _CK_?

“is highly customizable.”

This made me laugh too. Have you ever wondered why all BBpress forums look the same? No different icons, layout, DT/DDs, OL/LIs, etc. Every single one looks like the bog standard one, with the exception of the logo and border/background colours. This either means that everyone loves their website to be identical (hmmmm, no) or maybe hardcoding alot of things into a non template-able file is actually a stupid idea.

“Easy integration with your blog.

WordPress and bbPress are siblings, and they get along together “


“bbPress integration should work with most recent version of WordPress”

Honestly, cant make this up.

And so the list goes on…

We like bbpress Sam, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. But currently, it’s not Fit for Purpose, and it doesn’t do what it claims to do. When you add into that the widening gap between WordPress and BBpress we as a community start to get a bit perturbed.

If you take away all those claims above, the claims that brought us to this site and to this software, then we’re left with a rather generic bit of forum software, that (plug-ins or no plug-ins) doesn’t have the same features or options as other software out there. If you’re a big multinational with millions of forum posts, then maybe that’s ideal, but maybe, just maybe, its not what everyone is after.

This is the crux of the issue. If you’re building something that is purely aimed at being the forum software for, then lets take down the bullshit on the website, and we’ll all skuttle off.

If we’re all helping Automattic in making BBpress an amazing alternative in to bloated forums, then you have to realise that living up to your bbpress’s own website’s statements of fact is simply the least we expect.

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