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Re: BBPress doesnt show people a topics last reply? Need help fast!



What if an incompatible plugin is creating problems for you? The problems you’re having are not normal. I noticed that the mass delete users plugin is good up to 0.9 only, but you posted there that it works with 1.0.2.

How about preventing the spambot registrations with the Human Test plugin instead, and not trying to mass moderate users? Maybe it’s deleting some references to the users, but not all? Or there are stranded posts or something, and that throws off the numbering or something?

hpguru, what plugins are you using?

Marius-, what other plugins are you using?

It doesn’t happen by default in an installation with very few plugins running, so it might be a problem with a plugin, or could be a problem with the server. Software sometimes acts weird when a partition or MySQL runs out of space or memory.

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