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Re: BBPress doesnt show people a topics last reply? Need help fast!

chrishajer, the strange thing is it doesn’t always happen. But sometimes the last poster won’t be seen until much much later. I’ve crosschecked this with several users. I don’t know what the criteria is for this bug to occur.

In the thread “Post bilde av deg selv” – today I had to redelete all deleted posts, which was about 20 posts. These were duplicates of the previously deleted posts. Why did this only happen in one topic?

I’ve deleted alot of spambots lately, but they’ve done no harm at all, other than registering.

I’ve also installed the plugin Mass Delete Users, but these bugs doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that, and they did not start to occur imediatly after installing the plugin either.

It’s gonna be hard to tell you the next time this bug happens, maybe I can add you to msn and notifiy you the next time? As you see in my original post in this thread, thats the topic it happened to last time.

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