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Re: BBPress doesnt show people a topics last reply? Need help fast!



I would stop using the Mass Delete Users plugin. I suspect it’s doing something that’s incompatible with 1.0 and something is going on with the users it deletes and the ones that are left behind. I would stop using that then do a recount in the admin. I’m not sure if recounting fixing user-related things that might have gotten borked.

I don’t think Allow Images, either BBcode plugin, BBvideo or Social It would cause any problem like this. Unless the problem occurs on threads with (or without) images or threads with (or without) video.) The Social IT appears to be on every post.

I’m not sure about Human Test for 1.0 – I don’t think I’ve ever tried it. I do have it working with a 1.0RC, I forget which version though. All you can do is try it. If it activates without error, that’s good. If you try to register and it prevents incorrect answers and allows correct answers, and the registration goes through, then it works.

I don’t think disabling Mass Delete is going to make everything better right away. I have a feeling that it’s doing something to the user data in the database, and that will remain there even after you deactivate the plugin.

The other possibility is something going on with the host. But if all the other software is running fine there, that’s probably not a problem.

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