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Re: bbPress developer blog?



bbPress is certainly not abandoned. It’s not going away.

It’s paid for by a company with over a million dollars in funding.

It’s just not developing fast enough for some people and that minority is unfortunately the most vocal.

I think the biggest problem is people start using WordPress when it’s version 2.5 or newer and somehow they figure it’s always had all those features so they see bbPress by the same people and figure it must be as developed and managed like that.

WordPress was nearly exactly like this until version 2.0

I’ve suggested before that bbPress will get more attention once Matt finds a way to monetize it like did for WordPress.

There will likely be a few small releases of improvements to 1.0 and bug fixes for 0.9 this year (with one likely in April), but there will not be anything major in 2009 IMHO. If Sam or Michael asked me for my opinion I would suggest that 1.0 final should not be released in 2009, it’s just not ready and if you think people are complaining now, just wait.

To put it another way, if bbPress doesn’t have the feature you want right now and you aren’t willing/able to write it yourself, don’t start thinking it’s going to magically appear in 2009.

Of course I could be completely wrong and Matt will suddenly take a dozen of his WordPress developers and put them onto bbPress next month – but do you think that is realistic?

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