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Re: bbPress developer blog?



Wow _ck_,

If you don’t know what I know about bbPress it just means you are lazier than me

In honesty _ck_, do you believe that to be true?

Thats a very very sweeping statement and a massive generalisation. You’ve been involved with BBpress longer than alot of people here, You’re also a plugin developer and a moderator, and the belief is that if they don’t have your years of knowledge and experience then they are lazy?

If you are using bbPress now you are an early-adopter. Early adopters have to be do-it-yourself-ers who figure things out for themselves and/or don’t have timetables.

Agreed. Infact, no-one is arguing that point.

All the original poster suggested was that a “two minute update” once a month would greatly help him and others in the community to know where BBpress is going. Truly, i don’t think that should warrant another _ck_ “leave BBpress now” rant, especially as he has posted it in the “Requests and Feedback” section.

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