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Re: bbPress developer blog?



Yes, you are asking too much, it’s free software, there’s not even a 1.0 final yet.

Michael was working on bbPress before Sam joined Automattic, he has been working on other Automattic projects for the past few months and recently started working on bbPress again.

Name the current developers of WordPress, I suspect most people can’t – the point is that it doesn’t matter to most people.

Note that I don’t have some special insight on bbPress activity – Michael and Sam don’t tell me secrets and hide them from everyone else. I just go and read stuff, all the notes in the code, I watch trac updates, I read the history in bbDev.

If you don’t know what I know about bbPress it just means you are lazier than me and don’t want to bother reading it all and just want it spoon-fed to you. In which case, you seriously need to find other software that has reach maturity, is well documented and the developers twitter every darn day what they do. There are DOZENS of forum programs. Many of them have been integrated with WordPress on some level. Find another solution.

Again, if you are planning your website, project, etc. around the day-to-day, week-to-week or even month-to-month improvements in bbPress development you are using the wrong program. bbPress is pre-release, it is not final, it is not gold. If you need a timetable, you are using the wrong program.

If you are using bbPress now you are an early-adopter. Early adopters have to be do-it-yourself-ers who figure things out for themselves and/or don’t have timetables.

I cannot stress this enough, if you cannot deal with how bbPress is manged, and didn’t like it last month or the month before, you may have noticed nothing has changed to meet your desires. Please, please, please find other software and stop posting to the forums with this. Stop making YOUR need for timetables everyone else’s priority. Stop acting like you are entitled to special attention and time above the other thousands of bbPress users. Uninstall bbPress and switch to something else.

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