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Re: bbPress developer blog?



Hi _ck_,

I’m going to disagree with you a little here and suggest that there’s a happy medium between giving us some information and “having to do public relations”.

You give BBpress so much, and obviously have some direct communication with the development team, that maybe you cant see what it’s like for the rest of us. Sam pops up here once every 3 weeks and does one of 5 things:

1) Comments on your posts

2) Agrees with something you’ve posted

3) Tells us he’s been pulled from BBpress to work on something else and he’ll be back in a bit

Even knowing PHP and CSS, having nothing filter down from the BBpress team makes it very difficult. We only hear about things when YOU tell them to us, which is why people think you’re a BBpress developer. As i have said here before, when i came back to BBpress in October i did not know about Sam until Christmas time’s Facebook page creation debacle. Heck, i didn’t even know about Michael until i read your post 3 minutes ago (welcome to the team Michael).

A blog isn’t going to stop questions,

But _ck_, there is a blog already! It’s only had 6 posts in 8 months though, which is what leads to alot of questions. Trac is so hideously out of date that it leads to release date questions (which you then get annoyed about having to answer all the time) . The information on About, Documentation and Blog are either hideously out of date or flat out wrong.

We’re not asking Sam (and Michael) to stop working on BBpress, or to use their own free time to do “public relations” with us. But thats not to say that having no communication is a good thing either; especially as there is alot of mis-information floatng around the BBpress website.

As the original poster said: “a quick two-minute update each month to the blog about progress that’s being made and what still remains to do”.

In my opinion, a “two minute update” once a month, is not someone asking for the BBpress team to be “distracted with having to do public relations”. Maybe a happy medium can be reached?

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