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Re: bbPress developer blog?



To be clear I’m not a bbPress developer. I just volunteer here.

I’m an independent plugin developer. I have no association with Automattic.

Sam and Michael are the official developers and I for one would rather not see them distracted with having to do public relations, unless of course they actually want to.

If you want to know instantly when there are changes to bbPress at the development level, either subscribe to the Trac RSS or to the bbDev mailing list. (announcements only from Trac) (for humans but inactive lately)

In it’s current state, bbPress is really for “do it yourself-ers”.

If you don’t know PHP or CSS at all, right now it’s probably not for you.

A blog isn’t going to stop questions, it’s only going to create more questions and more distractions for Sam and Michael and then you’ll get mad when they don’t answer the questions in a timely manner.

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