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Re: bbpress and memcache?

I think you may be confused _ck_. memcache has it’s uses like php op_code. It does not take alot for it to have a benefit and the same applies to memcache. However I am not asking for a suggestion on avoiding memcache. I would like to see a better handling of objects in the same way you create a prefix for a database. If you set a large pool for memcache say 1gb. The idea of setting another instance and monitoring it with startup script gets a little bothersome especially when an array can be used to mitigate the possibility of one failed instance to drive your site down. In short I should say you don’t usually start another mysql to house a database nor would it be useful to do that with memcache.

Thanks samhaurs again. I just want to be sure there weren’t objects that are generically named that can be seen across bbpress installations like administrative or personal details that should be separate that some are improperly written to cache much like wordpress mu does at the moment.

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