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Re: bbPress 1.0-alpha-4 released


I’m sorry to screw the happy mood but my experience is not good at all.

I’m a very happy WP (nearly from the very first 0.x release) and bbpress user.

I use the last versions of both WP and bbpress (I use svn for this)

Until now (WP-RCx) and bbpress 1.0 alpha <4 things were far from perfect.

When I was loged both on the weblog and the forum I couldn’t access anymore bbpress admin part.

But from a user perspective it worked (they were logged in the blog and in the forum)

Since bbpress 1.0 alpha 4 nothing works any more. When I log to one… I’m logged out of the other (as an admin) and some of my users can’t any more access their loging in the forum (logging in WP is no problem).

I suspect it could be solved by deleting cookies but I can’t ask my user to do this (most of them would even don’t know what I’m talking about).

I ended deactivating WP integration plug in and commenting COOKIEPATH in wp config, hopping this integration problem will be solved one for once in 1.0 final.


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