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Re: bbPress 1.0-alpha-2 released

I haven’t attempted this alpha 2 install yet, but I will sometime this weekend hopefully, however, in regards to the issue that bharatk was seeing in alpha 1… I was seeing the same thing. When integrating with WordPress 2.6.2, from the looks of it, you are only able to be logged in AND access the admin page of either WordPress or bbPress at one time. It seemed to work fine as a normal user to log into both entities at the same time and retain function, but I can double check that again before I upgrade. It just seems like the Admin functionality is limited to being logged in to either WordPress or bbPress at one time. If you log into one and then want to go to the other, you have to log out of the original one you logged in to. Let me know if you want any additional information before I upgrade and I can get it for you.

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