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Re: bbOrg?




What Terms and Conditions is this “person” breaking?

The GPL does not mean free, you can easily and leagally sell code that is compatible with a GPL licence. If you don’t like this, just ignore it, no-one is forcing you buy it. As annoyed as you may be, the person you contacted (he didn’t contact you) at no time said he would pass it on for free.

As much as SoftInfo is being a bit of a wanker, and he is, it’s not worth the hassle.

If you have the ability to do the “customisation and other stuff”, making this basic (and pretty awful looking theme) shouldn’t really be an issue. You have the theme folder and pages already.


At no point does ChrisHajer suggest he’s accepting money for theme’s someone else created. Please be careful when making accusations against others, especially well respected people.

selling [GPL themes] are the are against wordpress policy?

Yes. Premium themes, such as the ones you link to, sell services that come with the themes (usually minimum support contracts). We’ve been over this road countless times.

If you don’t sorry to me then I’ll leave bbpress

Oh no!!

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out :)

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