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Re: bbOrg?



@ john13uk .. Dear I’m not breaking the rules… I’m asking if you are interest then I can make it for you as its clone.. and If its against the bbpress rules ..then why you are asking about this bborg theme.. why you do not make your own theme?

why you want to use bborg theme while its property? why ? Premium themes and services is not a big deal or new thing in market.. even you can buy wordpress premium theme and its services from various resources over the internet… are they people breaking the rules?.. are the are against wordpress policy?..

Open your eyes and see the links

even chrishajer who is the moderator of bbpress.. also selling his services off list..for confirmation you can visit this link

and i can also tell me many more people who are selling his services off list .. who are the member of

Note: The _ck_ have left the bbpress after depression who creates people like you.. who wants everything free free free free huh…and who don’t want to promote coders duh..

I think its enough .. or I should write more?

so be polite and be extra careful to write any bad comment against any programmer… If you don’t sorry to me then I’ll leave bbpress

I think you’ll understand .. and you’ll say sorry to me :)

Thanks alot

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