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Re: – WP2.6 and bbPress 0.9 complete cookie integration!

Also, thanks for the welcome, ck! I do more theme customizations for WP but usually do it all the quick and dirty way, cramming things into function.php file rather than packaging it up nicely, and I often just hack features into other plugins to get it all working the way I want. Right now as far as bbPress is concerned on my to-do list is to find a good solution for manually marking spam posts, work email notification into the pm plugin, and set up the post notification to send email by default. Just haven’t had time to look into all that yet… if there are any existing solutions/patches, please let me know! Otherwise I’ll probably look into it at some point and contribute what I can (if anyone else is interested).

Great! I was going to work on that in a few weeks :)

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