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Re: Basic integration screencast

Ah, well, that’s good to know. But then I’m in a quandary — there seems no obvious way to get bbPress running with WP 2.6.3, because:

–bbPress 0.9.04 seeks the SECRET_KEY and the WP database “secret” — the “secret” appears to be available on the relevant wp-admin page, but WP 2.6.3 required no SECRET_KEY in its wp-config file. It’s only there now because I manually added it in, and I’m not sure if that’s legit. In any case, it’s certainly not working now!

–If I switch to the latest bbPress, not only is it unstable and therefore shouldn’t be recommended as a solution, but it needs the three items from wp-config plus all their “salts.” On that relevant wp-admin page in WP 2.6.3, there simply is no SECURE_AUTH_KEY salt. It’s not clear to me whether the WP database “secret” is the same thing or not, but it’s certainly not labeled as such.

In other words, there just seems to be a mismatch no matter what. Is there no version of bbPress whose integration settings will jibe obviously with the fields actually available in the various places in WP 2.6.3?

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