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Re: Basic integration screencast

I enjoyed the screencast and found it very easy to follow. However, I tried it with BBPress and WP 2.6.3. The bb-config setup was inconsistent with both the video and with what is in my wp-config file. I added a SECRET_KEY in wp-config and used it in the bb-config setup, but things haven’t quite worked out. At first, it was just that being logged into one place didn’t log me into the other. Then all of a sudden it looked like BB cookies were staying around even though I’d logged out of both — and when that happened, I couldn’t log into BBPress at all until I manually removed those cookies.

I’m a bit puzzled why the screencast and the integration plugin would only seem to be valid for an unstable release of BBPress. Yet reviewing it appears that everything should work even the way I did it, and without a plugin at all. Except that it didn’t. Can this be clarified?

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