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Re: Basic integration screencast

Thanks for the screencast Sam! I installed BBpress 1.0 Alpha with WP 2.7 but didn’t get the integration to work fully. I followed your screencast as well as I could but my setup is a bit different:

1. I already had wp 2.7 installed with a custom prefix (which I filled out in the set up)

2. My host has safe mode on so I got some errors and had to manually modify and upload the config file.

I was not able to log in to the forum since Firefox got in to a loop so I couldn’t finnish the installation process. So I deleted the BBpress db tables and reinstalled but did the Worpress integration after the installation was done. Most things works fine, I can login to WP and BBpress just fine. I can create users in WP that can log in to BBpress and the other way around. What doesn’t work is sharing the cookies. Users must still login when switching from WP to BBpress or the other way around.

I have set everything with the BB_AUTH_KEY, BB_SECURE_AUTH_KEY, BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY as described and double checked with the wp-config file that everything is the same.

Any pointers to how I can get the cookie sharing to work?

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