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Re: Anyone here know how to parse files with PHP?


This reinvigorate looks awesome…can’t get in right now, as it’s on a limited beta. However, I’m on the list, and looking forward to trying it out. Thanks


I know this question is in the wrong place, and sorry if it’s obnoxious. As you guessed, I’m being lazy. I am a little out of my league here in asking for what I have, so I thought I’d get what suggestions I could first from the forum I frequent most. I hope in time you can learn to forgive my impetuous nature. ;)


Thanks for the suggestions, as well as the links. I’ve looked into this a bit, but was really interested in a pre-existing solution I could glean from. I’m not really up on cgi, so a php-only solution is what I’d like to find. (not sure if this exists). I’m pretty good at analyzing something and gleaning what I need from that, so I figured that would be my best shot at getting this thing started.

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