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Re: Another bbPress WordPress question

“the latest forum posts on the right hand side are visable on your wordpress pages. Was this achieved by calling bbpress header after wp header?”

no, it’s a plugin called bbpress latest discussions.

i dislike unhelpful meanies who hang around on techy forums, and i don’t mean to be one of them, but you honestly need to search the forum (and google) because the answers are out there! if you don’t do the research you’re going to waste time on things that have been done for you already.

just migrating my wordpress+bbpress install to MU+buddypress+bbpress took me around 30 hours. that’s not including the initial setup of wordpress+bbpress, or the re-theming of template files to acommodate the upgrade. most of that 30 hours was spent searching google for plugins and hacks and reading around.

thanks for the compliments on my site. believe me, i am not a coder, i am just persistent!

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