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Re: Another bbPress WordPress question

Hey Guys, these both look interesting solutions but is there a way for a relative non techie like me to achieve the following.

I am using the thesis theme on wp 2.8.4.

I have just successfully (and I surprised myself in that it only took me 30mins) installed bbpress and followed all the bbpress integration options using bbpress integration plugin for wordpress.

The challenge for me is I expected that this would lead me to have bbpress *inside* wp or atleast to be able to display the forum in a wp page.

The integration has been successful (i.e. the bbpress install is reading the users from my wp install) but it is not quite what I thought what i was expecting.

How can I achieve my goal of having the forum be (or atleast appear) to be inside wp?

The main reason for this is that I am using wp as a membership site and I want the forum inside the membership site.

Thanks, in advance,


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