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Re: advice for customization



Also, before making changes to a stock template, you probably want to make a new directory called my-templates, then inside there a new directory called $whatever-you-want (maybe “forumtemplate” or “mytemplate” or “newlook”). Then inside that directory, copy over all the files and subdirectories from the bb-templates/kakumei/ directory. Now, in your new directory, edit the top of style.css to change the template name to something unique. Once you’ve done that, you can log in as keymaster, then select your new template, by name, since the screenshot will still look like kakumei since that’s what you copied over. Select the new template and look at your site. It should look the same as it did before, because you didn’t make any changes yet.

Now, confine all your changes to these template files, and if you break something you can always fall back on the default kakumei, or compare to see where you went wrong.

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