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Re: “Advanced” search options — where and what are they?



Eh don’t defend bbPress – it’s the same problem with WordPress. They’ve never had a good search because writing a good search is hard and takes time from other needed things.

I haven’t released the search because after working on it for a week it became so overly complex that debugging parts of it was taking way too much time. When that happens I get mad and then usually re-write things from scratch.

I think my biggest mistake was I tried to make the layout template-able, so you could move stuff around. That added way too much code and logic problems. And then there was the wordpress awareness, more code.

I might just make a simpler version of it. I may just copy some of the vbulletion search layout since it’s very logical. Maybe I’ll have something by the end of the coming weekend if I have enough time.

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