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Re: Adding a right sidebar to kakumei



WordPress functionality means being able to use WordPress functions, in bbPress. There are WordPress functions called get_header():, get_footer();, get_sidebar(); that exist in WordPress. Some people would like to use call these functions in their bbPress templates so they can get the exact same footer, header and sidebar in their forum as they have in the WordPress site. To do that, you need to do “full integration” which is what _ck_ is recommending against.

To just put a list of images with links in your sidebar, you need only modify your template files. You need to create space in the template where you want the sidebar (maybe forum.php in your template folder) by creating an additional div, maybe call it #rightsidebar. Now, you need to edit your style.css to make the other divs smaller (less wide, and then make the rightsidebar wider to fill the space you created. If they theme you’re using doesn’t have enough space for all that, you might need to increase the width of the whole layout.

I think the first step is to make the space on the page where you want it, get that working. Then, get the list of images and links in there. That’s how I would go about it. It doesn’t sound like you need access to specific WordPress functions.

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