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Re: Adding a right sidebar to kakumei

CK –

My template already has a wrapper to main, and I’m using it. I had moved my sidebar within main (at an above recommendation), and I’ve now moved it out. I’m satisfied that there are plenty of classes/idents to get the job done.

My problem is: for compatibility purposes, I want a wrapper width of 970 and a sidebar width of 220. Therefore, I’d like to squeeze main down a little, but, as I pointed out above, it doesn’t seem to take to being squeezed. Specifically:

#front-page #discussions (line 305)


margin-left: 160px;

width: 590px;


The width directive here doesn’t seem to work. I’ve plugged in smaller numbers, but the width seems to stay the same.

I imagine I can jury-rig this (already have) by squeezing the hot tags section instead, but I’m going for a clean kill here, and I don’t know what problems this approach might cause down the road. This is why I asked what I was doing wrong with changing the width directive for the discussions section.

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