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Re: Adding a new User Type

I’ve tried using fel64’s method above but I’m not able to make it work at all, so I thought I would try something different. Since he mentioned using the $bb_roles->add_role() that already exists in I thought I could work with that. Bascially, I want to put my own additions and modified base roles (aside from admin and keymaster, obviously) into a plugin that replaces the existing roles function. I’ve sucessfuly done this via a dirty hack of the core file but I’d really love to migrate my changes to a plugin.

Is it not possible to just do bascially a copy-paste of the bb_init_roles function from, rename it, make new roles and modify existing ones, then use something like add_filter('init_roles','my_bb_init_roles') to hook it to init_roles? Obviously I’m a complete noob to this since my attempts are completely failing and what I know is just scraped together from looking at other plugins and some limited reading on making WordPress plugins. Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

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