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Re: Adding a new User Type

Im in the same boat, I know things like BB(something) has it so you can set mods to see this group or that group and super mods can post in those but regulars can see the groups. So like Unregistered;rights=1 Member;rights= 2 Student;rights=3 Teacher;rights=4 Mod;rights=5 SuperMod;rights=6

Where the #= the level of forum they can access like setting thread “teachers” to level 4 would make it so anything lower could not access it. And level 5 would make it so mods can see it but not post. & Level 6 would be like a place where you place questionable threads.

I really don’t know alot about php yet but in due time I’m sure I will. Is there a way to make it like this?

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