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Re: Adapting wp-mediawiki for bbPress

This is now a full-fledged plugin. It could certainly use some expansion and improvement, but this satisfies my requirements, and I suspect it will satisfy many others’ requirements, as well.

I’ve decided that I’m OK with two separate logins against the same user table, as spencerp’s solution leaves us with. I’m further integrating them now with OpenID. The VerseLogic WordPress OpenID plugin works perfectly, but I have not yet installed the MediaWiki OpenID extension, which will remain necessary since logging in will still be handled by MediaWiki itself.

After that, we’ll get to a level of integration I’ve yet to really even think about: user preferences and profiles. My initial thoughts on that are to point the bbPress profiles to the MediaWiki User pages, and develop an extension to display forum user information. Editing preferences might be easier by learning how each program stores that information and writing a whole new script to handle it. I’m certainly open to alternative ideas.

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