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Re: Access bbPress login info from existing site

Well, your guess was correct! Your tip got me to thinking about cookies – I’m a little rusty on my setcookie() syntax! Anyhow, I decided to install WordPress, even though I don’t need it just now, because if I could get that to integrate across directories, then I could surely do what I’m hoping for with the gallery.php page.

That helped me to understand the interactions of the cookies and directories and domains. All that to say, I was able to get it to work using the following in config.php:

$bb_cookiepath = "/";
$bb_cookiedomain = "" ;

I believe that if cookie domain is not specified, then it will default to be the root of the directory in which the script is running, i.e., making it unavailable to any other directory, including parent directories. You probably already knew that, but just putting it out there in case someone else has the same issue. ;)

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