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Re: Access bbPress login info from existing site

Hm. I’m pretty sure I’m actually logged in. Let’s say I’m at the gallery.php page, which is in the root of I type in my valid login id and password. The next thing I see is the front page of my forum ( , which reads “Welcome, kehlers (View your profile)” etc. I can add, post, go to admin section, etc. When I view cookies, I have a bb_user_(hash) and bb_pass_(hash), which seem to have appropriate values. All that to say, I think I’m logged in successfully.

However, if I go back to gallery.php, I still see the login form, as though nothing has happened. I did try adding $bb->cookiepath = '/'; to my config.php, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Do I need to restart anything (browser? Apache?) once I’ve added that? I wouldn’t think so, but thought it was worth asking.

Thanks for your help on this!

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