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Re: Ability to “save draft”



(The blockquote markup doesn’t seem to work anymore?)

_ck_ wrote:

Drafts are for blogging systems.

I can’t imagine why a forum would need drafts.

Indeed, a typical forum would most probably not need a draft feature.

But in my case, many posts to my forums are mini-essays in film criticism, or responses to such essays. As one write-up tends to take its writer a number of days to complete, that writer needs either to write the post elsewhere or at least to save the drafts somewhere. It would just be easier if that “somewhere” was the forum software itself.

I’d like to encourage thoughtfulness, contemplation and careful argumentation on my forums over the regular “reply as fast as you can” attitude that plagues so much of online discussion. To boost the “signal to noise” ratio, so to speak. A function allowing one to save a draft and give it one more read before publishing would perhaps further encourage that attitude.

Thanks for the hint about modifying the post status! I’ll see what I can make of it.

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