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Re: A social network using bbpress and wordpress MU. Please help me nondeveloper out

#1) This is simple enough as MU is built for that.

#2) If you are talking about each member having their own bbPress forum as well in #2, I would suggest that would be a massive problem. If you just mean having them using a single forum, I think this can be done.

#3) Avatars can be down with many plugins you can find in these forums or over at . Combining with MU might be a little difficult or require a plugin. I would suggest looking around to see if anyone on MU has come up with a solution already. That or use Gravatar ;)

#4) Combination of plugins and RSS feed grabbers could do that without very much hassle. What is written already might be sufficient from the plugins area, but a couple different database requests would make new plugins for this quickly I am sure.

#5) You didn’t have one ;)

#6) People out there have successfully integrated bbPress and WordPressMU logins, but you might need to search a bit over at as well for the answer ;) It also depends on your answer to #2 though…..

#7) You already know the answer and Null helped with the others.


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