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Re: A right to left css file for the Hebrew language – PLEASE :)

Hi mdawaffe – Great job !

I made the php file (called it as the .mo file name – which was bbpress_il_IL.php )

And once putting it in the languages directory, combined with the improved style.css files – it did the magic.

there are two points to make though:

1) when entering a thread – there is a sliding of the info part – in the begining of the thread. as shown here:

2) It might be helpful, for less technofillik people as us – to make an option in the admin panel – weather to turn the “rtl” on or off.

(another nice add on – would be to enable different “rtl” setup – on different forums on the same bbpress installation. Not that I need such a feature – but it might be worth keeping in mind)

Again, thanks a whole bunch !

After there is a solid release of a working style-rtl.css – I will gladly publish all the installation detail for the hebrew speaking community (and i believe all will be happy).


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