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Re: A little rant about bbPress followed by some questions…



1. Cool (thank you), 2. Good, 3. Awesome.

I forgot two other things which may or may not apply with current versions of bbPress. Include the my-plugins and my-templates folders, empty if necessary. Then it sort of makes sense when people are looking and thinking “where do I put this plugin?”

Not sure if the my-* folders are still necessary or if everything goes into bb-* folders now.

There was one more item, but I have lost the thought. Maybe it will come back to me later.

EDIT: oh yeah. Why not include the code for search in the template, just commented out? I know there is one camp for tags and one for search, but people asking how to add search is a fairly common thing too. It’s built in, so why not just put it in the template, and comment it out if you don’t want to default to having it turned on?

Why not something like:

/* uncomment this to show the search box
search_form( $q );
*/ ?>

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