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Re: A little rant about bbPress followed by some questions…



Sam, that’s a good point. Thanks.

I would say that the number one request is for people to make their bbPress look like their WordPress. Lots of people are just using a WordPress template they found, so they’re not really up for customizing bbPress, since they really didn’t customize WordPress in the first place.

If there were an easy way to make their bbPress look like their WordPress it would answer a lot of requests. I think that’s why people are sometimes drawn to a WordPress forum plugin, since then it’s just a WordPress page and it looks like the rest of their site.

1. Make bbPress look just like the WordPress it’s integrated with.

2. Make the logins work in both places (with proper roles and capabilities.)

3. .htaccess with mod_rewrite rules, out of the box, for permalink support.

With those three things, the number of support requests per day here would go down dramatically.

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