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Re: 2 issues: hot-tags and general font size problems

1. Fixed. Finally got to tags.php (duh) after trawling through core files. Moral: don’t work past 2am.

2. Not resolved. I’ve searched through CSS tutorials on various sites, but can’t find an easy test for the browser type without using php or javascript. Is there a way to set a font size in CSS at, say, 10pt for IE, and 11pt for any other browser?

Also – for moderators – I’m not bumping deliberately. I’ve noticed others editing posts now and then, as I have, to say they don’t require help any longer. Can’t the allowed edit time be changed to 24 hours or something like that? Maybe even let members delete their post if it has no replies? It’d keep things tidier.


For the font size issue, could a different stylesheet be selected by browser type, based on something like the code _ck_ gave to stop IE8 messing up the header?

function fix_ie8() {if (strpos($_SERVER,”MSIE 8″)) {header(“X-UA-Compatible: IE=7”);}}


I can see how this works, but don’t know how to modify it to discover any IE browser version, and select style_ie.css, else select style.css – any ideas folks..?

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