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Re: 1.0a2 + 2.6x cookies: so close!

Thanks Deadpan11,

The core behavior of bb-settings.php is to append BB_HASH to the cookie name on line 638:

$bb->logged_in_cookie = ($bb->wp_cookies_integrated ? 'wordpress_logged_in_' : 'bbpress_logged_in_') . BB_HASH;

Even in a non-WPMU installation such as this one, I would agree that this is a good coding protocol to follow. I did try your suggestion though, because I do want to understand, but the cookie was still created as wordpress_logged_in_blah3_blah5_blah8.

This caught my eye over the weekend…

In bb-settings.php line 592:

$bb->wp_cookies_integrated = false;
$bb->cookiedomain = bb_get_option('cookiedomain');
if ( $bb->wp_siteurl && $bb->wp_home ) {
if ( $bb->cookiedomain ) {
$bb->wp_cookies_integrated = true;

I even tried setting $bb->cookiedomain=” to allow the code to construct the value… no joy. No problems logging into bbPress, which is just fine for the moment.

The code is alpha! Since others had had success I was trying to nail down my server environment deltas…

I’ll push on with other projects for now :)

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