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Re: 1.0a2 + 2.6x cookies: so close!

So I was thinking about this in the shower, if I can get bbPress to set a cookie for / instead of /forum I think my woes would be over (See Step 2 above…)

Now, before looking into it further, I don’t think this is how it works. If the script calling for a cookie to be set is in folder ‘/forum/’ then the domain scope for that cookie is going to be set to ‘/forum/’ by the webserver.

But to test the obvious, I rushed to bb-config and tried variations on

// Cookie Scope
$bb->cookiedomain = '';
$bb->cookiepath = '/';
$bb->sitecookiepath = '/';

No joy.

Maybe if I had the wp-login code on the forum site…with bb-admin cookies… let me try some things…

The ‘/’ cookie to rule them all is the way to go. If I can just get it to work…

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